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RCB Fund Services LLC (“RFS”) is a specialized firm exclusively handling the administration of claims and distribution processes in cases involving illegal conduct. Our firm was founded almost 20 years ago by Richard Breeden, Chairman of the U. S. Securities and Exchange Commission (“SEC” or the “Commission”) from 1989-1993. Mr. Breeden remains actively involved in our cases, providing a high level of experience and public credibility.

RFS has unrivaled expertise in administering large assets pools on behalf of the SEC or DOJ for the benefit of victims of unlawful conduct under the Bankruptcy Code, the federal securities laws, the Fair Fund for Investors provisions introduced under the Sarbanes-Oxley Act of 2002, and DOJ’s Part 9 Regulations governing the remission of forfeiture proceeds.

Our personnel have handled many of the largest and most complex asset distributions of the last 20 years. These asset distributions resulted from high-profile and complex fraud cases, including SEC Fair Fund cases such as JPMorgan Chase, British Petroleum, WorldCom, Enron, Royal Dutch Shell, Facebook and Mylan. In addition to our work for the SEC, we have handled the largest and most sensitive asset forfeiture cases in history for the DOJ. These include both the $750 million Adelphia Communications forfeiture case and our current work for DOJ administering the $4+ billion Madoff Victim Fund.

RFS handles claims processing through a facility in upstate New York, with additional offices in Greenwich, CT, New York City, Washington, DC and Lantana, Florida. We maintain superb investor support services such as an in-house internet services group, database programmers, and our own call specialists who have handled more than a half million calls with fraud victims. We control every phase of the process from plan design through claim audit and payment. In every one of our cases, we were responsible for drafting the distribution plan, establishing claim and eligibility criteria, reviewing claims and related damage calculations, establishing documentation requirements and creating processes for notification of determinations and review of appeals or reconsiderations.

We Manage the Entire Claim Lifecycle

SmartClaim System offers the flexibility to meet the requirements of any action with claimants and was built to ensure accurate, reliable, and efficient processing of claims.

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