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A Commitment to Data Security

RFS’s comprehensive information Security program is modeled on the frameworks provided by the Federal Information Security Management Act and the National Institute of Standards and Technology.

The core of our Information Security strategy is centered on mitigating risk and ensuring the confidentiality, integrity, and availability of claimant data. Through ongoing investment in computing infrastructure and an unceasing adherence to best practices RFS is uniquely positioned to rapidly respond to a continually evolving threat landscape. RFS has partnered with Gartner Magic Quadrant recognized providers and partners to build a resilient, responsive, and secure network that works to mitigate data security risks for both clients and claimants. Our proprietary SmartClaim System claim processing platform leverages FIPS complainant advanced encryption standards as outlined by the Federal information Processing Standard to protect sensitive information and PII at rest and in transit. Our continued investment in network infrastructure and network security is bolstered by our unwavering commitment to strong Information Security policies and ongoing risk assessment.

The RFS Information Security Program is audited annually to ensure compliance with regulatory standards. RFS is both SOC 1 Type II and FISMA compliant. RFS undergoes periodic third-party vulnerability and penetration testing to verify the security and integrity of our computing systems.


SmartClaim Intelligent Claims Processing

RFS has unmatched claim processing capabilities that allow us to analyze claims covering millions of transactions with the goal of preventing overstated recoveries. RFS achieves extremely high claim accuracy by leveraging the experience of our staff in Securities Fraud and through the use of SmartClaim System, our proprietary claim processing platform which features integrated claim validation protocols to ensure the efficient, effective, and accurate processing of claims.

Our proprietary SmartClaim System increases claim processing speed without impacting accuracy, and reduces the cost of complex claims evaluation, auditing, fraud detection, and payment. The SmartClaim System facilitates data collection from multiple sources (paper, online, institutional filers) and can process multiple types of equity, debt, fixed income, and derivative securities.  SmartClaim System uses precise algorithms to ensure accurate loss calculations that can be tailored to fit any fund or asset distribution. Our claim processing platform leverages efficient claim tracking and imaging technology that assists with fraud detection, claim auditing, and data retention. Integrated into SmartClaim System is a robust set of data analytic tools that facilitate custom reporting and the tracking of a wide array of metrics.

The RFS SmartClaim System operates on the resilient and secure RFS network, never in the cloud, and leverages FIPS complaint cryptographic modules to ensure the highest standard of data security. SmartClaim System is a propriety claim processing system developed in-house by RFS developers located io our Syracuse, NY headquarters. Full control of the SmartClaim System and underlying infrastructure ensures unparalleled flexibility and allows SmartClaim System to meet the complex processing requirements of a diverse userbase.

RFS SmartClaim System development adheres to best practice secure coding guidelines from Microsoft and OWASP, and undergoes periodic third-party validation to ensure platform integrity. 


Digital Assets

RFS has positioned itself as the go-to administrator to handle the administration and distribution of such a crypto-related settlement. We are currently working on several cases involving digital assets, and have developed a claims process that utilizes information on the blockchain to validate claim submissions and claim information. We have also developed an automated process to authenticate ownership of each particular wallet that was used to acquire the digital assets using a custom ERC20 token. RFS also possess the expertise to securely maintain custody of crypto or other digital assets that may be part of a settlement with the ability to liquidate the assets and convert them to cash if necessary. Further, we have developed and implemented outreach initiatives to contact crypto investors via social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Telegram, and other forums preferred by this unique population of investors, notifying them of opportunities to recover from the settlement.


Digital Outreach

RFS employs a dedicated in-house team of professionals focused on claimant outreach in digital spaces. The changing demographic of investors, the rise of cryptocurrency and related fraud, and the the growth of online investment communities requires an updated approach to how we build dialogue with potentially harmed investors. RFS Digital Outreach Specialist work to open the lines of communicate with investors on platforms like Reddit, Facebook, and Telegram leveraging both traditional online advertising and native advertising. Our in-house team creates custom copy and multimedia elements to ensure engaging highly targeted multi-channel social media campaigns that maximize claimant outreach. Our digital outreach efforts are driven by precise engagement metrics to ensure each campaign in interacting with the maximum number of potentially harmed investors.

Navigate The Complexities of Fund Administration

RCB Fund Services leverages it’s decades of experience to help clients and claimants navigate complex processes.

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