Digital Assets and Cryptocurrencies

RFS has developed unique expertise in the digital assets and cryptocurrencies space. We are one of, if not the only, settlement administration firm with expertise in this area.

With the exponential rise of Bitcoin and other virtual and digital currencies, fraud involving these assets has become more and more prevalent. There are new frauds involving cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, and other altcoins launched every day. The unfortunate result is that investors have their hard-earned money stolen by these criminals. In some cases, such as an unregistered initial coin offering or a Ponzi fraud, regulators are able to accumulate funds to be paid back to the investors harmed by the misconduct. Using forensic investigative techniques, our team can trace and analyze crypto asset movement to ensure an appropriate recovery for each victim.

RFS has positioned itself as the go-to administrator to handle the administration and distribution of such a crypto-related settlement. We are currently working on several cases involving digital assets, and have developed a claims process that utilizes information on the blockchain to validate claim submissions and claim information. We have also developed an automated process to authenticate ownership of each particular wallet that was used to acquire the digital assets using a custom ERC20 token.

We also possess the expertise to securely maintain custody of crypto or other digital assets that may be part of a settlement. We have the ability to liquidate the assets and convert them to cash if necessary. Further, we have developed and implemented outreach initiatives to contact crypto investors via social media platforms such as Reddit, Facebook, Telegram, and other forums preferred by this unique population of investors, notifying them of opportunities to recover from the settlement.

Our valuable experience evaluating digital assets and administering settlement proceeds to investors makes us an industry leader in the world of settlement administrations involving digital assets and other cryptocurrencies.

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